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For those collectors of vintage and antique bears, I have created a new adventure just for you, "Old Bears on the Move". Here you will find a variety of older bears, vintage bears, and their pals looking to relocate. These loving old pals are looking forward to a new home. On occasion you will find a doll or doll related item as well. Dolls and bears display well together and make great companions. Feel free to email with any inquiries or requests for additional photos of the item you are interested in. I am always looking to buy early old bears, condition not necessarily important, for my own collection (those your grandma may have had as a childhood toy). Bears with a story to tell are my favorite. contact me if there is something you may be willing to part with!


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Small Vintage Steiff Squirrel. Neat little piece with lots of possibilities for display. $50.00 plus shipping
Pipe cleaner bear - I’ve had him for some time and keep him in a cabinet. He’d much prefer to tag along on someone’s outfit. Can you give this vintage bear pin a home? At about 2 ˝" he’ll sit proudly on your blouse or jacket and view the world through his googly glass eyes. Also would be perfect pinned to a bear in color. He is made of Chenille type pipe cleaner in nice aged color. $38.00 plus reasonable shipping
Oh Shucks! I’m just a Bitty Teddy! Any room at your place? Love to travel, have been around the world, don’t eat much, old but young at heart, with much mileage left. Little German Schuco bear with old ribbon remnant slightly scruffy mohair in great gold patina $98.00 plus reasonable shipping
Here is an item from my collection one that I have enjoyed. It is a doll head surrounded by a heart I have a few of them. The head wears a hat. Silk ribbon adorn the piece and probably at one time it hung from the ribbon on the wall. I would not try it today however. The heart and hat are composed of pink wool and some discoloration (never bothered me) from age is present. Another one of my novelty type items I am willing to part with. Approximately 10" from top of hat to bottom of heart. 295.00 plus insured shipping.
This is an amazing piece from my own collection. I have a thing for the unusual and novelty items. I have two almost identical muffs so I will part with one. This is an American child’s bear muff from around 1907. The original string for around the neck is still present. He wears an old silk ribbon around his neck. This wonderful little guy has many stories to share but tells me they are all a secret. Perhaps you can add him to the collection of your own and see if he shares some fabulous stories from years gone by. I bought him a few years back and paid dearly "not bearly". He is being sold for $800.00 plus the cost of shipping and insurance.
Just an awesome early monkey with curbside appeal. This little guy is made of felt and fabric. He has a hard body and was once a wind up toy meant to flip. It appears his flipping on his own days have ended. He wears his original clown outfit that suits him just fine. He is a small fellow at about 4". For those monkey enthusiasts this is just the greatest little find. $175.00 plus reasonable shipping. SOLD
Meet Little Kitty a small vintage mohair kitten. This gal has been around for quite awhile she is American made by Character. She has shoe button eyes with green felt backing. The mohair has faded over time and was once a gray to lavender color. This gal has sat in my cabinet for years and peered out. She has now made up her mind to travel. I have seen many bears by Character but never this small size cat. I wanted to put a bow on for her portrait shot but decided it was better to show here mohair wear near her neck. $30.00 plus reasonable shipping.
Here it’s your option for only one baby or three. They’d love to find a new home. These darling little compo babies were made around 1930. Each has a dress and diaper all are matching. Arms and legs are jointed. Each has a bit of wear from age but not bad at all. They are a great way to accessorize your dolls and bears. Your choice at $20.00 each baby. There is a 10% discount if you purchase all three. Plus the cost of reasonable shipping. Only one left.
What a wonderful and rare find! A very unusual antique pair of argyle socks for your antique doll. Primarily navy and salmon with accent colors of pale yellow and lighter blue. There is no apparent fading or damage. Larger in size. Email for details This is the first pair like this I have ever seen. $175.00 plus minimal shipping.
Leo the lion is one of Schuco’s Noah’s Ark Series. A little guy with a big growl, well maybe. Fits in to most spaces and can be held by your dolls or bears. Enjoy this half pint addition when added to your collection. Email for another photo $85
An unusual folding doll or teddy bear chair with a Dutch looking girl pictured. Chair opens and locks with a wing type nut. Easy storage for children’s toys of the time I suppose. Picture your doll or bear placed in this great little piece. Measures approximately 6 ˝" across the seat, 13 ˝" in height when in seated position, and 7 ˝" deep. Email for a close up of the girl $65

25% off sale on doll pincushion

This is an antique doll pincushion. Most of these were hand made by mom or grandma using what was left of the child’s toy. Her body and cap are made of a fabric that appears to be a silk blend. She has a silk accent ribbon around the middle. A few old pins accompany her. She is stuffed with what feels like Kapok. A cardboard form at the base keeps her up. This comes from my own collection of sewing novelty items. I have not had her apart but her head appears perfect. Her eyes are dark brown glass. She stands 7 ˝" in height. Add this wonderful piece of history to your sewing or doll collection! $165.00 plus $8.00 insured shipping.

50% off sale on this Dutch Couple

Here is a cute little Dutch couple. You don’t always find the pair. The girls are far more prevalent than the boys. Since I have a son, I am always looking for boy dolls. These are old dolls and have never been played with. When I acquired them, they were attached to a cardboard (what was left of their original box) I found them hard to display so I took them off. They wear a traditional costume with the wooden shoes. Their bodies are somewhat bendable. Faces are painted and the girl has mohair under her bonnet. They are approximately 6" in height. A reasonable price for two dolls at $75.00 plus $8.00 shipping.

50% off sale on Panda Googly

Panda Googly needs to be in a home where they appreciate the later bears in life. He is vintage from the 50’s era. He is made of plush with googly eyes. He is a small lad at about 6". A real deal for the panda person. $15.00 plus reasonable shipping of $3.85

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