As a child I grew up with antiques. My parents not only collected but also opened a business in the small historic town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin where we resided. I learned the appreciation of fine things and enjoyed the collections that adorned our home. My room, at one point, was the focus of the antique doll and teddy bear collection. (What a lucky gal I was!) This is probably where it all originated.

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In need of repair? I have years of experience with old bears in need of a new lift. Restoration is part of my business. I not only color match the repair but simulate the condition of the fabric to be as close to the original as possible. This avoids the look of a new patch on an old boo-boo.

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Pajama Boy

Pajama Boy This sturdy fella measures in at approximately 15 inches in height when standing. He is made with three different colors mohair and vintage velvet, an antique pin completes his collar. A sheet of cookies completes him making him blend with the little baker bears.
$165.00 plus insured shipping.

Kitten Caboodle Christmas Tree

Kitten Caboodle Christmas Tree This flat cat has a smug grin because he is wrapped up and embellished with miniature antique ornaments and antique garland.
$65.00 plus insured shipping.

Holly Kitten Caboodle

Holly Kitten Caboodle The idea for my kitten caboodle comes from an antique toy in my collection. This red eyed flat cat is embellished with my own holly design done in 1920ís vintage velvet.
$65.00 plus insured shipping.

Holly Christmas Bunny

Holly Christmas Bunny This gal has wool embroidered holly pads on her feet as well as an embroidered Christmas ribbon. Eyes are hand painted glass and nose embroidered, approximately 9 inches in height plus ears.
$125.00 plus insured shipping

Holiday Kitten Caboodle Green Eyes

Holiday Kitten Caboodle Green Eyes The kitten caboodle has been one of my signature items, something that no one else has reproduced. the idea was taken from an antique toy in my collection that dates to about 1910. Embellished with 1920ís vintage velvet design. Measures approximately 8 inches in height and does not stand alone unless propped.
$60.00 plus insured shipping.

Holly Pin Holly Pin Made of vintage velvet from the 1920ís in itís original color and condition, this pin measures approximately 3 inches.
$18.00 plus shipping
Mother Daughter Days Little Baker Bear

Mother Daughter Days Little Baker Bear sports a mother daughter theme with making memories hot pad. Although not visible, there is a date of 2012 on the smock, this one is brand new this year. Approximately 5.5 inches in height when standing.
$90.00 plus insured shipping SOLD

Baker Bear with Christmas Cookies

Baker Bear with Christmas Cookies Little Ted has a bag of flour and sugar for making holiday cookies. Dated 2010 in the series, the date can be covered if requested. I have only a limited amount of the accessories. Ted is approximately 5.5 inches in height when standing. $95.00 plus insured shipping. SOLD

Little Cup of Love. Please let me help with your cooking making! Little ted with big utensils. Approximately 4.25 inches in height when standing.
$90.00 plus insured shipping.

Baker Bear Smock Full

Baker Bear Smock Full. This little one sports a smock full of baking utensils ready to help the otherís in the series Approximately 5.5Ē in height when standing.
$90.00 plus insured shipping. SOLD

Baker Bear Gingerbread House

Baker Bear Gingerbread House Little Ted proudly holds his Gengerbread creation. Each year I locate a few of these Hallmark ornaments to use with my bears. I have a limited amount for each, this one dated 2011. I can cover up the year but if someone wanted a yearly collection, that would pose a problem. Bear is approximately 5.5Ē in height when standing.
$95.00 plus insured shipping. SOLD

Locket Locket is just an old fashioned bear with that hug me sort of appeal. Made of sparse mohair in a russet color with a taupe to gray background. Pads are made of matching antique wool. Color appears brighter in photo due to the bright sunshine. Eyes are old shoe button and nose aged floss. Slightly weighted to add slump-a-bility. Locket wears two antique keys. For display purposes Elle Russet Rose the small elephant is an ideal partner. Approximate height when standing is 15"
$145.00 plus insured shipping.
Keeper of the Bees Keeper of the Bees The roly poly was an early childrenís toy unlike my recreation of today, purely meant as a display item. Keeper of the Bees holds a bee hive and several beaded bees along with a net to keep the bees in line. Approximately 8" tall. Made of German mohair with glass eye. Weighted for stability.
$145.00 plus shipping.
Flutterby Green Flutterby Green is made of a short lime mohair and wings of a shear slightly striped fabric meant to match. The little one stands about 4" in height, has slightly larger head than body and large shoe button eyes.
$82.00 plus shipping. 
Just the cutest little guy Just the cutest little guy ready for summer and fall barbecues. Measures approximately 5" in height and comes with his own grill utensils. This one is tan, he has a gold companion.
$90.00 plus shipping.
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