When sending an inquiry for restoration please include answers to the short list of questions below. Doing so will give me a better idea of what it may entail. Also if at all possible include a photo of the item. The only way to make a complete determination of what may be involved is to see the item in need as many things can be hidden. Answering the following will help me to help you.

  • What is the fabric of this item?
    Mohair, plush, hide, velvet etc.)

  • Where is the damage and what needs to be replaced?
    Ears, eyes, limb missing etc.)

  • What is the item stuffed with?
    (Excelsior, fiber fill, cotton, etc).

  • What is the nature of the damage?
    (Dog attack, tug of war, well loved, water, fire etc.)

  • What is the estimated time period of the item?
    (Mine as child, mothers, grandmothers… year of estimation.)

    Sometimes an item may be very expensive to repair but not necessarily worth that on the retail market. I have found in those cases it is a sentimental item worth every bit to its' owner. That is a decision that has to be made by you.
    In many cases of early bears and other animals, without restoration, they would not be saleable. These early items are my specialty. The cost to restore is worth the investment to both collector and dealer.