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Hello, my name is Janet Poell...
This is me, with my husband Tony.

Janet nd TonyVermont is my home, and I live in a small town of about 1000 people with my husband of over 48 years and our two Yorkies. I have been making teddy bears for many years, and started designing my own patterns and making them many years ago.

I love the feel of mohair so it is my favorite to use in making my bears. I dye my own mohair sometimes, as well as use air brush painting to add accents to their faces. 

I made them for all my grandsons and my daughters and friends, as well as for just me. Then like most artists, I got inspired and decided to try to sell them. Well, they sold very well! I was wonderfully surprised! So I continued to sell at teddy bear shows and now on the internet as well.

I joint them all using nuts and bolts (sounds funny, but they work great!) and make very tight joints as well as they will loosen a bit in time. Some are "floppy" jointed. 

Each bear I design has a little part of me inside, and when I see someone smile at my bears, it puts a smile on me as well.

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